In order to move a mountain you start with the stones, this is me moving a few stones! When I entered Loopmaniac studios in September 2012 armed with few songs and an acoustic guitar I had no idea how this ‘recording malarkey’ would go! All I knew was I wanted to get these songs recorded in order to document part of my journey and raise some money for charity.


Here I am now sitting in the studio, it’s now March 2013 and the album will be released in a few weeks. What a journey!! I’ve been blessed in having the best people driving this project forward and ‘making it happen’ its certainly grown with every member of the band contributing and investing in the music in more ways than I could ever imagine.


There are sad songs, there are happy songs and there are even a few with little or no significant meaning, but when welded together create a common thread linking where I was to where I am now!


I would like you to listen to this collection of songs with a tear and a smile and if any of them give some kind of comfort then I’m a happy man.


Lets not forget what this project was all about – Myself and Stuart experienced extreme tragedy when we both lost our beautiful wives Nicola and Ruth to cancer. Their strength and courage have certainly contributed to our ability to carry on and make this all happen. We have been guided every step of the way and we both thank them for that loving direction.

All the money from music sales and gig money will go towards the Nicola Murray foundation and to Sarcoma UK on behalf of Ruth Henderson.


I want to thank the Eastwood band – Ali Ferguson, Gil Allen, Stuart Henderson, Liam Saunders, Eliot Murray, Billy Hunter and the FB Sunday choir ☺ you guys have added your talent and musical ability stamping your style on the music, and not forgetting the talented Mr. Kevin McCollum the photographer…. Who has documented this journey every step of the way. Thank you.


A particular special thanks needs to go to Liam and Stuart, Liam who owns Loopmaniac studios and who has been my musical rock for a number of years has kept this project alive and produced in my view an amazing piece of work – that I thank you my brother. And to Stuart, Stuart and I have walked the same path over the past year and found a common strength that has certainly kept me going. He has also been a collective partner in this project – the three of us have also had a brilliant laugh, which brings a smile to the album!


I hope you buy the album and come to the launch gig, you will have a great time because if you knew Nicola and Ruth you wont have any choice not too!!!! ☺


Lets move more stones together!

George Murray March 2013


For more info on the two charitys please click the links below

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